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Lee and Lani met while attending Fashion School. Sharing a passion for creativity and art, it is not surprising the two became fast friends. Although each girl is a fashionista in her own right, the two ladies have vastly different styles. Lee and Lani expanded their horizons collectively over the years and have matured into dazzlingly talented, up and coming designers.

As former swimwear models, Lee and Lani decided to collaborate and build upon the niche market, within which, they had formed the bulk of their modeling careers. While always enjoying swimwear, they felt that the market left a little something to be desired. This became the motivation behind the cutting edge, trendy, yet classically glamorous and versatile line. Filled with rich colors, luxe fabrics and tailored cuts, they have created something to be talked about.


Lisa-Marie (Lee) Founder and Creative Director is an international model and avid traveler. Her time overseas has allowed her to appreciate the best of what the world has to offer. She draws her inspiration from international sources including; the playful but boldly cut bottoms and bright colors of Brazil, the classic styles of Italy, and the sleek, effortless sexiness of France. Lisa-Marie wanted to create a sexy and stylish sillhoutte that can be worn in and out of the water. Lisa-Marie upholds a standard of superior quality through  craftsmanship and daring design style. 

Alana (Lani) Founder and Head Designer is also an experienced model and international traveler. Her time as both a model and a mother has broadened her professional understanding of what a woman want in swimwear. Her unique designs reflect upon her own irrefutable eye for color and and style. Drawing from current themes in fashion and from her own closet, Alana’s designs are passionately unique and Authentic.

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