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After much anticipation, fashion power duo Lisa Marie Pascuccio and Alana Ault, announce the launch of their cutting edge swim wear line Lee + Lani. The brand has been out for 6 years, as the girls drew ideas from their ever exciting and dynamic lives. Lee + Lani use rich luxurious fabrics and custom Lee + Lani prints imported from Italy to ensure the quality and uniqueness of each design. The line is so bespoken by nature, that in essence, it has been designed to 'wow' at every occasion. From the white sandy beaches of Miami, to glamorous LA poolside get-togethers or even to that chic sexy cocktail party, Lee + Lani doesn't miss a beat! Lee + Lani truly knows no bounds. Lee + Lani manufactures out of Los Angeles, California to guarantee that every piece is hand crafted to the companies highest standards. 

Their highly cultivated and forward thinking sense of design is beautifully evident in all their work and their dedication to providing quality, versatility, and an unabashed sexiness is undeniable. Lee + Lani have successfully created the must have collection of the season. Their suits provide a real "badass" attitude, that only a great-fitting, curve-hugging, undeniably flattering swimsuit can do. Lee + Lani have succeeded in creating a new age line that will create a cult following worldwide.

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